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About Grupo Éntasis Consultoría

Grupo Éntasis Consultoría is a leading market consultancy company based in Zaragoza (Spain). We assist the companies to succeed in the following areas:

• Marketing strategy and planning


• Positioning and brand strategy

• Market segmentation and sales optimization

• Effective communication

• Research and project management services

• Creativity


Why to work with us?

• Experienced marketing consultants, with a wide range of proven experience in the market.

• We take the responsibility of your project, your project is our project and your success is our success.

• We are passionate about delivering exceptional results to our clients.

• High commitment to your business, exclusive marketing strategies in line with your overall business goals.

• We strongly believe in the long term relationships with our clients and provide highest standards at all times.

• High flexibility and adaptability to the needs of your company.

• Entasis Consulting is a reference company in Aragon marketing consulting sector.



If you want more information, you have some doubt or, simply, you want to chat with us about something, fill and send the form below and we will contact you very soon.
You can contact us, besides, by email (, by phone (+34 976 223 285) or by the mail (Grupo Éntasis Consultoría, C/ Zurita, 8, principal derecha (La Proyectoteca), 50001 Zaragoza, Spain).

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